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Responsible and environmentally-friendly technology development for future generations.

Responsibility for future generations Environmentally Friendly Technology Development

The KEMP R&D center was established in 2013 with the goal of developing environmentally-friendly coating agents to substitute into conventional corrosion-preventing coating systems which cause environmental pollution.

With the mission of developing environmentally-friendly technologies for future generations, we have developed and commercialized binder systems with world-leading performance. Our patent portfolio has grown rapidly to encompass environmentally-friendly iron corrosion prevention agents, environmentally-friendly non-ferrous metal corrosion prevention (Al, Mg, SUS), environmentally-friendly spray-type on-site re-coating agents, repair agents not requiring pre-treatment of rusted surfaces, and odor-free, environmentally-friendly can spray-type corrosion prevention agents. Through relentless technology development efforts, we are filing patent applications for newer, more advanced technologies year after year.

  • 2013 Naturally drying, waterborne, highly corrosion resistant metal plating technology development.
  • 2015 Naturally drying, alcohol-based, spray-type, highly corrosion resistant metal plating technology development and commercialization.
  • 2016 Development and commercialization of single-coat non-ferrous metal corrosion prevention technology.
  • 2017 World-first development and commercialization of on-site re-plating agents for corroded hot dip zinc coatings.
  • 2018 Development of zinc plating performance enhancer / Development of chromate substitute for hot dip zinc coating post-treatment.
  • 2019 Development and world-first commercialization of highly corrosion-resistant metal plating for automated mass production of naturally drying waterborne systems.


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