Management ideology

We develop eco-friendly plating technologies and design a better future for the next generation built upon a management philosophy of technological innovation, eco-friendliness, superiority, responsibility, and trust.

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History list

Corporate History - Since our inception in 2011, we here at KEMP have been recognized for our excellence in technology, and for expanding our presence both in domestic markets and overseas.

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Organization chart

Organization - Introducing the team at KEMP, working with a global mindset toward the same goal and in the same direction.

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KEMP is a leader in next-generation plating technologies and harmonizing nature with technology. We operate from our head office in Korea and a branch in China.

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eco-friendly plating
eco-friendly plating
eco-friendly plating
Korea Eco Metallic Plating

KEMP Technology Korea Eco Metallic Plating kemp

KEMP is a technology-centric corporation that develops environmentally friendly coating technologies and provides client companies with customized corrosion-preventing solutions. KEMP was the first to commercialize high-performance water-based inorganic galvanizing, developing water based field coating agents for maritime, shipbuilding, and road engineering applications.
KEMP is recognized across these industries with highly corrosion-resistant color coatings of various colors, recoating agents for corroded molten zinc coatings, coatings without elution of harmful heavy metals into water, and ultra-high corrosion resistance for immersion in sea water.

Outstanding Technology : KEMP commercialized eco-friendly alternative technology better than the hot dip galvanizing process causing environmental pollution, and has increased its market share at home and abroad through supplying the coating agents and methods according to a variety of applications such as automobile, shipbuilding, land/marine plants and road engineering.
Development of Green Technologies: KEMP, a company specializing in development and production of the eco-friendly coating agents, has contributed to the development and cost reduction of the coating industry based on its superb technology and development ability accumulated through ceaseless research and development. Also, KEMP developed the field spray coating agent first in Korea and is recognized as having its own technology.


eco-friendly plating


Pretreatment agent

It is an environment-friendly pretreatment solution used as a highly functional food-grade citric acid-based rust remover without the use of hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid, etc. that are harmful to the human body and environment. It effectively and safely removes mill scale, rust and oil on steel materials, contaminant substances and rust on the surfaces of hot-dip galvanized plate and stainless steel structures installed and corroded on sites, and exhaust compounds (NOx and SOx) deposited and set in on the surface, etc. It is a safe rust remover that not only does not cause unpleasantness since foul odor is not generated in the work process, but also acquired certification as a ‘daily life chemical product subjected to safety confirmation’ with high biodegradability and absence of RoHS (heavy metal).

eco-friendly plating


Carbon-reduced ZFC

It is an inorganic ceramic self-hardening type zinc flake liquid 2 type coating material designed to protect against long-term corrosion of steel materials. Since the heat curing process, which is the limitation of the existing ZFC, has been omitted, it can be used to coat even mega-sized steel materials without being limited by the size of the structure. Abundance of ZINC FLAKE and ALUMINUM FLAKE within the coating material interact with inorganic binder to effectively protect steel materials against red rust with outstanding galvanic anode format and laminated shielding structure. It not only provides highly corrosion-resistant performances in excess of more than 1,000 hours of saltwater spray test (KS D 9502) and more than 80 cycles of compound corrosion test (JIS H 8502) but also satisfies heat-resistance of 600℃. Since it does not contain high-risk solvents that are harmful to humans and the environment and its odor disappears quickly, it is a coating material that can assure the safety of workers in worksites.

eco-friendly plating


On-site repair agent for steel structure

It is a metallic coating material that restores corrosion-resistance performances by supplementing zinc and the replating of hot-dip galvanized steel structures that have become oxidized and corroded in the installation site environment. It can extend the useful life of the structure by more than 2 times that of the newly installed products. G-SAVE coating material maximizes the galvanic anode format with the abundant ZINC FLAKE and inorganic binder in the product, powerfully binding with the oxidized surface of the zinc plated steel structure, both physically and chemically, and forming a dense zinc lamination structure that prevents the infiltration of corrosion factors, thereby providing a corrosion resistant performance that is more than 2 times considered outstanding, more than the new hot-dip galvanized structure and elegant external appearances.

eco-friendly plating


Coating material for prevention of corrosion of non-ferrous metal

As an environment-friendly composite organic and inorganic coating material, it is a coating material for the prevention of corrosion of non-ferrous metals, such as aluminum and magnesium, etc. It does not contain heavy metals and harmful chemical solvents, such as xylene, toluene and benzene, at all. As such, it is a heat-curing type (200℃ *20 minutes) coating material capable of securing powerful corrosion resistance performances even for non-ferrous metals that have been manufactured with weak durability through a mutually complemented realization of characteristics including the advantages of organic compounds, such as material adhesiveness and flexibility, chemical-resistant characteristics, and advantages of inorganic compounds such as high surface hardness and durability in the coated surface.



R&D Center

The KEMP R&D center was established in 2013 with the aim of developing environmentally-friendly coating agents to substitute conventional corrosion-preventing coating systems which cause environmental pollution.

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Through relentless research and technology development, KEMP holds various certifications, 21 patents, and 14 trademarks. We also hold a large number of classification society certifications for supply of shipbuilding, shipping, and maritime products.

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KEMP's technology and products are recognized in various fields and eco-friendly technology development., and are used for various applications both inside and outside of Korea.

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Global Corporate Kemp!

KEMP’s key global export partner countries

KEMP has earned its name as a leading global manufacturer of high corrosion-resistance and high heat-resistance coating technologies, with exports to all corners of the globe.

Our Customer Center

If you have any inquiries about KEMP Co., Ltd., please do not hesitate to call us at the number below or through the Contact Us menu. Our representatives will contact you soon.

Environmental solutions for metal corrosion prevention!

KEMP is also doing its best today to accomplish its aim for a world-class company specializing in high rust-proof and heat-proof coating technology.

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