Introducing KEMP Co., Ltd: a company committed to people, businesses, and the future.


  • 2019 01 Patent application-Chromium-free surface treatment composition for improving galvanized corrosion resistance
      and method of treating surface of galvanized metal using the same (5 others)
  • 06 Established India B / S Center
  • 10 Venture Business R & D: New Product Development Project
  • 11 Venture Business R & D: SME Technology Innovation Development Project

  • 2018 01 R&D Center established in Chengdu, China
  • 02 Registered as a corrosion-preventing coatings supplier for Hyundai Motor muffler flanges (supplied to Sejong Industrial Co., Ltd.)
  • 03 HIGANIC was decided to be the coating agent for the Korea Rural Community Corporation’s industrial radiator cooling system

  • 2017 01 Patent registration-Paint composition containing plate-shaped aluminum
  • 03 Production and market release of a Can Spray.

  • 2016 01 Brand registration - KEMPZIN
  • Market release of alcohol-based KEMPZIN ZF2 and organic/inorganic hybrid HIGANIC paint
  • 07 Established a KEMP Shanghai branch in China.
  • 11 Selected as a 2016 technical development project (Research Village) through industry-academic cooperation - Commercialization
      (Project period: 12 months).
  • Patent registration - Anti-corrosive dual paint composition, its production process and coating method by using the process.
  • Signed an exclusive contract for supplying the heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system-Servan.

  • 2015 01 Obtained Lloyd’s certificate (UK).
  • 02 Obtained ABS’ certificate (USA).
  • 04 Selected as 2015 Start-up Star Enterprise of Ulsan Techno Park-Designated as promising business.
  • 06 Obtained RINA-WPS’s certificate (Italy).
  • Agreed technology joint venture for CIMC Project in China.
  • 07 Selected as a SMBA’s technical development project (Research Village) through industry-academic cooperation.
      * SMBA: Small and Medium Business Administratio
  • Passed the leaching test of FDA 21 CFR 175.300, USA
  • Selected as a 2015 technical development project (Research Village) through industry-academic cooperation-Technology
      development (Project period: 12 months).
  • 08 Selected as a 2015 2nd Foster Project (Shipbuilding material department) of Key Industry in Ulsan (Project period: 12 months).
  • 09 3 kinds of patent applications regarding new product development.

  • 2014 04 Changed the company name to KEMP
  • 05 Entered into an agreement for test bed services with Korea East-West Power Co., Ltd.
  • 08 Obtained ISO 14001 certificate.
  • Applied for a patent on pigment separable type aqueous paint composition mixed with plate-shaped zinc powder (Korea, PCT).
  • 09 Obtained RINA’s certificate (Italy)
  • 10 Made an agreement with Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation of Dong-A University.
  • Received Eco Label.
  • 12 Signed a MOU for joint venture of paint distribution plant and color steel plate plant with Shagang Steel in China.

  • 2013 04 Established a company’s research center.
  • 07 Authorized as venture business.

  • 2012 03 4 kinds of patent registrations, including pigment separable type zinc-based aqueous paint composition.
  • 12 Made a partnership agreement with Korea Institute of Industrial Technology.

  • 2011 04 Established Dongjin Hitech Co., Ltd.
  • 08 Registered the plant and obtained ISO 9001 certificate.
  • 10 Signed an agreement for raising up competent people for green car with Ulsan University.


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