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Conservation of the environment

KEMP is committed to people and the environment.

2008 marked KEMP’s switch from conventional pollution-causing plating technologies to newly developed environmentally-friendly technologies.

technological innovation

KEMP’s superior technological prowess.

We were Korea's first manufacturer to develop a spray-type coating agent that is applicable on-site.

Customer Satisfaction

We take the lead in developing environmentally-friendly technologies.

KEMP assumes a leadership position in environmental conservation and future value industries through development of environmentally-friendly coating agents.

Korea eco metallic Plating

Kemp Technology Korea Eco Metallic Plating Kemp

KEMP is a technology-centric corporation that develops environmentally friendly coating technologies and provides client companies with customized corrosion-preventing solutions. KEMP was the first to commercialize high-performance water-based inorganic galvanizing, developing water based field coating agents for maritime, shipbuilding, and road engineering applications.
KEMP is recognized across these industries with highly corrosion-resistant color coatings of various colors, recoating agents for corroded molten zinc coatings, coatings without elution of harmful heavy metals into water, and ultra-high corrosion resistance for immersion in sea water.

Outstanding Technology : KEMP commercialized eco-friendly alternative technology better than the hot dip galvanizing process causing environmental pollution, and has increased its market share at home and abroad through supplying the coating agents and methods according to a variety of applications such as automobile, shipbuilding, land/marine plants and road engineering. Development of Green Technologies: KEMP, a company specializing in development and production of the eco-friendly coating agents, has contributed to the development and cost reduction of the coating industry based on its superb technology and development ability accumulated through ceaseless research and development. Also, KEMP developed the field spray coating agent first in Korea and is recognized as having its own technology.

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