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Corrosion of HDG

1. HDG loses gloss from three months by sacrificial anode method of zinc in general environment, and discoloration starts after 6 months.

2. HDG will lose about 2 ㎛ of zinc layer per year, and zinc layer disappears 10 to 15 years later. Red rust is generated at points without zinc layer.
[In marine environment, corrosion is easier and faster than general environment]

Repair Coating Agent, GSAVE Repair Coating Agent, GSAVE
Repair Status of HDG [ex) Guard rail]

1. Replace guard rail

HDG guard rails replace the entire guard rail irrespective of the function of the original steel plate when the plated layer functions.
Functionally, there is no problem, but we have replaced some or all of the sections of the guard rail, which is discolored (blackened) by galvanized plating, for road (city) aesthetics.

Organic paint repair

repair the HDG using organic paint, the white rust will push up the organic paint and peel off the coating within 2 ~ 3 years. Currently, organic paint is not being repaired.

Absence of repair method

HDG re-plating is not possible. (Disassembly, plating, re-installation is not economical)
Metal paint coating (such as Geomet) is not possible to dry on site. (Heat treatment at 320 degrees for 30 minutes twice)
Powder coating can not be dried on site. (Heat treatment at 200 degrees for 20 minutes)

Repair Coating Agent, GSAVE
Touch up for HDG damaged point [G.SAVE Can spray]
Repair Coating Agent, GSAVE
Repair Coating Agent, GSAVE

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